Welcome to The Teachers Cafe.file7491250647364  This website is currently a work in progress with the hope of building it into a useful site for teachers to gather, buy or swap resources based on the Australian National Curriculum.  I invite you to subscribe to the Forum using the link above to chat or share valuable knowledge, strategies and experiences of your career in teaching.

There are many overseas websites that are amazing and have a wealth of useful resources but there’s a need for more Austalian based websites that specifically address Australian topics, curriculum areas and history.

Registration is free and you will have access to the online store to buy and download resources such as assessment sheets, powerpoint presentations, worksheets, checklists, rubrics and much more.  There are also links to some fun, educational online games and websites to help with planning for your classroom.

So grab a coffee, register for free and start browsing now!

P.S Remember to use the same username on the forums as you do on the main site, it will make it much easier for the admin to recognise users

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